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High Point Wholesale -Gluten Free


You don't have to sacrifice taste or texture! High Point Wholesale has a completely separate, celiac safe kitchen to create amazing gluten free baked goods for those with even the most severe gluten intolerance. The High Point way is to be better than we have to be, and our Gluten Free treats are no exception. We painstakingly combine different gluten free flours to create just the right taste and texture for each of our recipes. We have developed a line of products that can hold their own in a traditional pastry case. Don't sacrifice taste and texture; Enjoy High Point Gluten Free.

Gluten Free Bakery
Celiac Safe

High Point Gluten Free makes a great addition to any menu or pasrty case. The demand for Gluten Free alternatives is growing and High Point makes a range of Gluten Free products that fit in great anywhere. From Quinoa Bread for making sandwiches and burger rolls for restaurants, to cookies and muffins for coffee shops, to our decadent desserts for just anyone, High Point makes offering Gluten Free something to be proud of.

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Gluten Free = delicious
no kidding!

High Point Wholesale is currently delivering our Gluten Free pastries in many areas of Philadelphia and near-in suburbs. Contact us at 215-992-2077ext 101 to find out if we are in your area. We are eager to share with you our commitment to quality and service. Tasting is believing and we can't wait to make a believer out of you.

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