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high point coffee
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In 2012 we decided we were ready to start roasting our own coffee. We got a tiny 2 pound Probatino coffee roaster and began learning the meticulous art and science of making amazing roasted coffee day in and day out. We have graduated to our 26 pound Dietrich roaster (Marlena). It may be thirteen times bigger, but the outstanding quality is just the same. We ethically source all our green coffee beans with importers who have direct relationships with the farms and farmers we buy our beans from. They, like us, go above and beyond what is "required" to insure that farmers are well paid, that the communities they live in are supported, and that the quality of the bean and respect for the environment are preserved. Every single-origin coffee we roast showcases the characteristics of the region where it was grown. Each blend combines those individual qualities to create something new. No matter what High Point Coffee you choose, it was roasted to make you a REALLY good cup of coffee, plain and simple.

Amazing Coffee

High Point is committed to making YOU look good when you serve our coffee. And we understand that it takes a LOT more than just good beans to make great coffee. High Point has over 20 years of experience in the coffee industry. That experience and a deep desire to make every cup a great cup, means that all our clients get personalized service to create the coffee program that works for them. We help with water filtration, equipment selection, installation, programming and maintenance. We help create systems for making coffee that fits in with the flow of your space and we can train your staff to make great coffee every single time. Coffee Good!

Ethically Sourced Coffee

Want to learn more about serving High Point Coffee in your establishment? Contact us at Coffee@highpointcafe.us.com. We are eager to share with you our commitment to quality and service. Tasting is believing and we can't wait to make a believer out of you.

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