High Point Cafes
602 Carpenter Ln. | Allens Ln. Station | Philadelphia

High Point Cafe/ hours 6:30 am - 5 pm everyday day at all our locations

602 carpenter lane

We opened our first shop in 2005, in the middle of a residential community, off the beaten path, on the corner of Greene Street and Carpenter Lane. When we opened there was only the Weavers Way Co-op, CW Henry Elementary School and the Greene Cleaners. Within 6 months we had out grown our 700 square foot space, with no interest in moving.

allens lane train station

Three years after we opened our original location, we needed to expand our capacity. We didn't have to leave our Village, but we needed a way to serve our ever growing fans. In October 2008 less than a mile away, in the historic Frank Furness designed Victorian train station building, High Point opened what was jokingly called our "auxilliary seating".

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