High Point Cafe
602 Carpenter Ln. | Allens Ln. Station | Philadelphia

High Point Cafe/ 602 Carpenter Lane

Hours 7am-5pm everyday

We opened our first shop in 2005, in the middle of a residential community, off the beaten path, on the corner of Greene Street and Carpenter Lane. When we opened there was only the Weavers Way Co-op, CW Henry Elementary School and the Greene Cleaners. Within 6 months we had outgrown our 700 square foot space, with no interest in moving.

amazing coffee
pastries and crepes!

Within a year, Big Blue Marble Bookstore and a maternity center, now called the Nesting House, were thriving on our corner too. The Mt. Airy community came together and created a village. Now there is also Philadelphia Community Acupuncture, as well as Philly Salvage - architectural salvage, Green on Greene - pop up and performance space, Spring Board Studio - meditation center, and let's never forget the anchor, the Weavers Way Co-op with amazing local foods, a wellness shop and pet store.

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our corner is now a village!
come visit!

With Fun events like the Mt. Airy Village Fair and Petapalooza every year, the Mt. Airy Village is a destination unto itself. Doesn't hurt that there's great coffee, pastries and crepes to keep you fortified!

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